Bike packing - before


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My bike tour preparations are in the grand finale. On Monday I went to ProCycling to pack my bike. This wasn't as scary as I imagined. Basically, we removed the front wheel and front rack, put spacers on the fork and brakes, removed pedals and the bike was ready to be inserted into a bike box. Besides the bike I put into the bike box also my sleeping mat and sleeping bag. And that was it -- after weighting this monstrosity, it was already over 23kg of allowed weight. What a shame -- I wanted to put some more things there.

My bike next to the bike box it is going to be packed in
Bike neatly packed inside the box

With bike packed in the box and without being able to add more things there (in fact, I even removed my pump and bike holder so that the box will surely pass through the weighting process, the hard part of packing started. Importantly, I needed to pack the rest of my things (including panniers) into my backpack. Coupled with a fact the my tent consumes about half of the useable backpack space, this was a packing job of the century. Fortunately, I was able to put these pieces of puzzle together and my full backpack (now weighting ~21 kg) is ready. But of course, I would not be able to fit everything into the backpack. In fact, I realized that my Ortlieb rack-pack is a great hand-luggage bag and my front Ortlieb can be classified as "small accessory" for the purpose of flying. So in the end, I have one big box, one full big  backpack, one hand luggage and one accessory, hopefully everything within the dimensions and weight limits and I am ready to fly.

Backpack ready to go
Rest of my stuff is still in progress of being packed
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