Funding one-year trip across South America is not an easy task. And while I am trying to minimize my costs (instead of enjoying a five star hotel I would rather enjoy uncountable-stars-view from my tent) I would still appreciate some help with the funding.

So, if you like my blog, consider donating 5-15 EUR/CHF/USD --  this will probably last me a few days for providing lunches and hot dinners (e.g., all-you-can-eat-pasta-parties).

If you are from EU/SEPA payment zone, the best way to donate and fund my pasta appetite for a few days is to perform a direct bank transfer to the following IBAN: SK63 0900 0000 0004 3322 0754.

And if you are from one of the unfortunate countries without a civilized inter-bank transfer, you can still fund me via PayPal by using the following link:

As a reward, please register yourself here and I will send you a thanks postcard from some amazing place (or at least some place where I will be able to find a postcard. Unlike Swiss Alps, I do not expect to find postcard-selling shop at the top of each 5000 meters high pass in Andes)