About Peter

Meet Peter -- a perfectly normal computer scientist who obtained his doctoral degree (ehm, did I say doctoral? Oh yeah, I am a doctor now. Be sure to show up and I will heal you) from EPFL in Switzerland.

While spending my last 5 years studying in Switzerland, I pretty much fell in love with hiking and biking in Swiss Alps. But visiting Alps from Europe is pretty much as easy as buying a burger. Moreover, I do have a hunger for adventure which Swiss Alps cannot completely fullfill. Before long, I decided to travel along a world on a bike, only to realize that this would be a too great commitment (read, ~5 years of my life). Instead, I opted out to start by a "trial run" -- one year, one continent. For various logistic (e.g., passport-visa-related) reasons, the decision come to South America -- it is amazing continent with lots of top-level views (read: there are >4000m Andean passes pretty much everywhere), nice culture and decent travel costs. And thus, three months after finishing PhD, I am now leaving for the southernmost city on this planet, Ushuaia, to start my amazing joyrney.