Join me on the journey through amazing landscapes, dirt roads and tough climbs. This blog currently covers two of my big adventures on my two-wheeler friend.

Firstly, there is a trans-South-America journey which took 16 months, measured more than 20.000km and in general contained more climbing than is healthy.

And then there is USA's classic - Great Divide Mountain Bike Route cannot be underestimated in the toughness and beauty department and this time I am trying to do a semi-live coverage of the journey.

  • Lake Moraine

    Paved warmup: Calgary to Lake Luise

    Without any good way of transporting our bikes to Banff, we decide to do a pre-GDMBR warmup by riding there from Calgary. And because Lake Louise isn't that far from Banff, I quickly decide on a two-day-ride detour to probably the Canada's most iconic lake - Moraine Lake.

    June 28

    Getting ...

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  • Flight to Amsterdam

    Bratislava to Calgary

    Set towards our goal of riding famous US & Canada Continental divide (i.e., mountains dividing watersheds between two different oceans) we first need to get to our starting place -- Calgary in Canada.

    -- June 26

    The adventure begins quite unceremoniously. We have to wake up 3:30am so that we ...

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  • Bike packed

    Ready for another adventure

    Almost two years ago I stood here with a bike packed inside a huge box and ready for a big unknown adventure in South America. Today, the situation is very similar. Except that there are two bike boxes, two backpacks (one of each belonging to my brother) and a plan ...

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  • Madeleine

    Vichaycocha to Oyón (PGD part 6)

    September 9

    It doesn't happen often that I wake up much sooner than I should have. But today is definitely such a day. Not because I have woken up in the middle of the night. No. I simply woke up at the standard time, packed my things and prepared ...

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  • Downhill from Abra Alpamarca

    Casapalca to Vichaycocha (PGD part 5)

    Peru Great Divide continues with some stunning lagoon views. And not so stunning views of black clouds chasing me. In the end everything turns out fine though.

    September 6

    In the morning I am saying goodbye to my second bike stand as it is bent beyond repair. It looks like ...

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  • Abra Suijo

    Tanta to Casapalca (PGD part 4)

    In this two-day stretch of a road towards the busy carretera central I am saying final goodbye to Reserva Paisajistica Nor Yauyos-Cochas. But what a beautiful goodbye it is.

    September 4

    After I get breakfast at Tanta I am ready to do some foot work (and happy it is pedalling ...

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  • Trail to Llicococha

    Ticlla trek

    Trek around Nevado Ticlla is an expectionally beautiful activity in Cordillera Yauyos. And quite an underground affair -- the number of relevant Google search results can be counted on fingers of your hands. Fortunately, there is a great book The Andes: A Trekking Guide by Cathy and John Biggar describing this ...

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  • Around Vilca

    Laraos to Baños del Inca/Tanta (PGD part 3)

    Peru Great Divide continues with spectacular canyons, lagoons and terrace-like waterfalls. But before that I need to do some business in Huancayo so I take a bus/minivan there and this turns out to be an adventure on its own.

    August 27 (Huancayo visit)

    My plan for today is to ...

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  • Descent to Acobambilla

    Huancavelica to Acobambilla (PGD part 1)

    This short two-day warmup is the first part of the famous Peru Great Divide route. Contrasting to the previous three days this part features golden-grass covered hills instead of the rusty mountains full of mines.

    August 22

    In the morning I say (a temporary) goodbye to the four cyclists and ...

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