Future trips

You could not join me on the cross-Andean trip? (Although you still have a chance!) No worry -- I am already planning other adventures. Here is a quick list. If you are interested in any of the trips, do not hesitate to contact me!

(US & Canada) Great Divide

After my Andes ride, I am now looking into a similar adventure on the northern hemisphere. The great divide ride is a perfect candidate for this.

Route: You can get more info about the ride here and here.

Distance: ~4300km

Ascent: TBD (a lot)

Planned time: ~3 months

Planned departure: Summer 2018

Bike & Hike in Peruvian Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash

One of the best views in Peru, this needs to be done properly in the best season.

Route: Get to Huaraz and make it a base for Huayhuash trek (~1+week). Then bike around Cordillera Blanca with side-treks. Continue around Huayhuash and end in Oyon. Potentially ride downhill to Lima as well.

Distance: TBD (+TBD hiking)

Ascent: ATB

Planned time: ~2+ months (~2- weeks if you want to join just for Huayhuash trek, shorter treks and rides are available as well)

Best time to ride: June-August. In September the weather starts to be a bit spotty.

Baja Divide (California & Mexico)

Mountains, deserts, sandy roads and sea views -- Baja divide in Mexico has it all! This is a tough off-pavement ride which will rewards your work with perfect vistas.

Route: You can get more info about the route here.

Distance: ~2700km

Ascent: TBD

Planned time: 2-2.5 months

Best time to ride: November - March

Atacama Pentacross

Five high Andean passes in Atacama? This is a tough ride through remote regions in Chile and Argentina. On top of standard biking crap, be sure to carry up to a week of food and three days of water. In other words, be prepared for 20+ kilos of stuff to just survive. And be sure to have a few pages in a passport free for stamping.

The plan is to start in San Pedro de Atacama, cross to Argentina via Paso Sico and return back to San Pedro by Paso Jama. After a short rehabilitation stay, we would continue to Paso Socompa,the remotest pass on the route. The route then continues through the desert to Fiambala from where we start another pass -- Paso San Francisco and end up in Copiápo. The final cross to Argentina is through Paso Pircas Negras.

Distance: TBD (I need to check with the Garmin map software. If interested just ping me)

Ascent: TBD

Time to ride: ~2 months

Best time to ride: November to February. January and February is going to be a hell in lowlands though.

Bolivia's Yungas

While not very high, Bolivia's Yungas feature an unquestionable riding up and down through a fringe of the rainforest. Expect lots of greenery, nice views,  warm temperatures and moskytos.

Route: TBD

Distance: TBD

Ascent: TBD

Time to ride: 1-2 months depending on the route we choose

Best time to ride: May - August

Japan Cultural ride

Tired of high climbs? This time I am planning to go away from constant ups and downs and instead just enjoy the culture.

Route: TBD

Distance: TBD

Time to ride: I would like to explore the country for about 2 months


Sounds exotic? Then count me in. Madagascar should have some good biking possibilities. I just need to find some topographic map ;-)

Route: TBD

Distance: TBD

Time to ride: I think two months should be just enough to explore this big island on bike and on foot.


Next to dry desert landscapes and sandy coasts, there are also trans-montane and montane regions so that cyclists of every skill level get their money’s worth. The country’s assets are best experienced in spring or fall.

Route: TBD

Time to ride: TBD

Vietnam & Cambodia

Route: TBD

Time to ride: TBD