Traject Porvenir

Intermezzo - Porvenir and Punta Arenas

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December 8

Because there is no bike shop in Porvenir (at least, the hostel manager doesn't know about any), instead of staying two days in Porvenir I am moving to Punta Arenas.

In the morning it was raining but it stopped pretty quickly and there is sun again. I am picking up my washed clothes and I am going to the port. Here I have some headwind but I still manage to get to the traject with enough spare time. So I buy a ticket and wait for the ride to start -- my first part of the journey I am not biking. And it is a wise decision. On top of converting my bike to a boat, I would need to battle the fierce winds which, I am sure of it, would yield me a negative total speed to Punta Arenas. Instead, the traject goes around 30km/h and the wind on the deck is just unbearable. After around two hours, I am leaving the traject and making final kilometers to Punta Arenas.

There I am checking into Hostal Patagonia - a very nice hostel run mainly by volunteers. Today was a crazy day for them (along other things, integration didn't work properly). I felt there like at home because most of the people were from Europe and it was very nice to chat with them

December 9

I am staying at the hostel one more day. Mainly to relax, plan ahead and write blog posts

Traject from Porvenir to Punta Arenas


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Stats by activity:

Activity Distance
Pedal rotations
bike 12 0.0 2
boat 40 0.0 -
Stats by day:
Date Distance
Avg. temp
(moving, C)
Dec. 8, 2016 51.7 0.05 16.5

Elevation data

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The next table is only for cycling activity.

Grade(%)Ascent (km)Descent(km)
< 2 9.3
< 4 0.7 0.9
< 6 0.1 0.0
< 8 0.1 0.0
< 10 0.0 0.0
≥ 10 0.0 0.1

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