Join me on the journey through amazing landscapes, dirt roads and tough climbs. This blog currently covers two of my big adventures on my two-wheeler friend.

Firstly, there is a trans-South-America journey which took 16 months, measured more than 20.000km and in general contained more climbing than is healthy.

And then there is USA's classic - Great Divide Mountain Bike Route cannot be underestimated in the toughness and beauty department and this time I am trying to do a semi-live coverage of the journey.

  • Salkantay

    Salkantay trek

    If you are like me and you like grand mountain sceneries, the Salkantay trek is surely a must-do trail ending in Machu Picchu. While it is certainly possible to do the trek on your own, I did it with an agency (not needing to carry a tent and food is ...

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  • Confetti

    Year on the road

    Today's post is untraditionally timely (compared to my usual 4-month processing delay). This is because today is a day to celebrate -- it's the first year anniversary with my Merida. Exactly one year ago I set off with my bike from Ushuaia towards the north and thus started one ...

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  • Vinicunca

    Hike to Vinicunca (Rainbow mountain)

    On my journey through Atacama and Peru I have seen a bunch of colored mountains. But they somehow pale when compared with Vinicunca -- the "rainbow mountain" --- which is only a day tour from Cusco. And not only Vinicunca is beautiful by itself, as a bonus you get views of glaciers ...

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  • Maukallaqta

    Ccoyabamba to Cusco

    July 17

    In the morning Ccoyabamba is living a pollo (chicken) day. It looks like all the restaurants are closed and instead there is a big event with chickens being everywhere. I did not ask but probably it is for some fund-raising. Without any restaurants it seems that my only ...

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  • Me riding a horse

    Haquira to Ccoyabamba

    After the "mandatory" altiroute done I now head east towards Cusco. Originally I though this would be only an "utilitarian" route with not much exciting to see but I turned out to be wrong. On the dark side of the things I also turn out to be too trusting and ...

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  • Posing in Abra Azuca

    Huacullo to Haquira (altiroute part 2)

    In the second installment of my alti-route of 200km all above 4500m the things are getting real high. In fact, I am getting to the highest point of this whole South-American journey, a 5114m high pass (and yes, this is even higher that all my subsequent hikes!).

    July 11

    I ...

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  • Descent to Arcata

    Tolconi to Huacullo (altiroute part 1)

    Two hundred kilometers of riding above 4500 meters? Count me in! (Actually, above 4490m but hey, don't fret about it.) This is a first part of my really-high adventure (although technically I already started the kilometre count after Caylloma).

    July 8

    After a breakfast in the village my plan ...

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  • Pass to Tolconi

    Yauri(Espinar) to Tolconi

    My zig-zag approach of going north continues by getting back to the west. The main reason I went from Chivay to Yauri as opposed going directly to the north is the fact that there is some supposedly nice scenery from Yauri back to the east. And sure enough, ride through ...

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  • Communal building in Condorama

    Chivay to Yauri/Espinar

    Going out of touristy Colca canyon I now head to Yauri (sometimes called Espinar) over two high passes. As usual this is story about a tough but rewarding ride.

    July 1

    My day doesn't start very well. It seems that my stomach trouble weren't completely solved in the ...

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  • Bike and climb after Chalhuanca

    Imata to Chivay

    With the stomach finally getting better I continue my above-altiplano biking towards touristy Colca canyon and it's main town Chivay. The final descent is something which I will remember for a while.

    June 28

    If there is one advice I can give you it will be this -- when finding ...

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